About Introduction & FAQ

Who are we?

Hello my name is Ahmed!
Hello my name is Lisa!

We run the company behind soap-stamps.com and decided to get you creative!

Our company is located in Upper Austria and we are DIY enthusiast.
We are entrepreneurs and have been working on several creative projects in our lives.

A very good friend came to us with the initial problem, which we decided to solve with soap-stamps.com.
If you are a DIY handmade creator or have a small company that produces soaps, cookies, wood parts,
paperwork or anything else that you would need to be labelled easily, you are currently stuck with companies
that created designs beforehand or have to find a good partner that transforms your ideas into a design, which
can be rather time consuming and exhausting.
So we created a tool, where you can actually see your design as a stamp while creating or adopting it.
Giving you full control and creativity.

How does it work?

We want to give people the possibility to design there own individual stamps in the easiest possible way. So we created this service, where you just upload a vector based graphic (SVG) and create a stamp from it. The 3D model, which you can see in the designer will than be produced with one of our partners and shipped to you as soon as it is ready.

What is the stamper?

The stamper is the shaft, that holds the stamp plates. It is designed to be robust, while maintaining an ergonomic grip. The stamp plates, which you can design on your own with the designer are than to be clipped onto the stamper.

Which material do you use?

We use PA12 Nylon for the production of our parts. Since it is very robust and has a good thermal and chemical resistance it is ideal for the creation of a stamp, which is intended to be hammered on.

Is the material food save?

The material used is food safe certified by the FDA.
So you can use it to add a custom design to all of your food and non food products like cookies, pastry, chewing gum, wood, paper, soaps or whatever comes to your mind.

Please give it a very good wash & scrub before using it with food products for the first time.

Is the material thermal resistant?

YES but,
the material will withhold a certain amount of thermal energy.
It is considered to withstand, 85 °C (185 °F) but it can deform if this temperature is exceeded.

Do you take refunds?

Only for the Stamp Holder,
Since you created an individual design, that is your very own property, we are not able to take refunds for Stamp Plates.
But you have the possibility to review your designs as long as you like before adding it to the cart.
This does not apply in the case of product failure.

You can find more details to our return policy here.

What is the designer?

The designer lets you upload SVG files while creating 3D models from it. The plate size is currently limited to about 40mm square, but you can edit the graphic size on the stamp plate.

Once the 3D model is generated you can rotate and zoom in and out to check your design. When you are ready, click the "Buy Now" button to proceed to order your design.

Why do some stamps look wrong?

The designer is limited to the SVG you upload, it creates a 3D model from it. If you encounter, that the output of the 3D model is not consistent with your uploaded file, please consider editing your SVG to generate a valid 3D model.
For example you can use the Method SVG Editor for this purpose.

We are advancing the designer constantly, but we can not guarantee that 100% of all designs are translatable to 3D models.

What are the minimal features for SVG files?

All Stamps will depend on the SVG files you upload.
The following guidelines should be considered while you create or edit your SVG files.

Important Notice

Please note that if a feature is too thin or small the produced stamp plate may fail during use. If the clearance is not maintained the engraving produced by your stamp may not contain the desired image.

For online editing of your SVG files, we recommend the Method SVG Editor

Feature Details

For all details, we recommend a minimum thickness of 0.8 mm and a length of at least 3mm.


For the clearance between features, we recommend a minimum distance of 1mm.

Where can I find SVG files?

You can design it your own or use a free SVG library to get logos, icons and more.

Here is a list of sites we recommend:

Also there is a list of recommended sites at the bottom of the designer.