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Choose out of thousands of desings or use any svg-file and let us take care of 3D printing and shipping your stamp.

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Stamp Plates

Customize your own or pick one out of our shop. The plate can be used to emboss soaps, clay, cookies, pasta or whatever else comes to your mind.

14 .99

Stamp Holder

The grip for your plates. Intended to be hammered on and sold seperately. Made from nylon for durability and strength.

29 .99

Personalized stamps?

You want to choose out of millions of possible designs?

Any svg-file can be transferred to an embossing stamp. Choose from common logo makers online or from our shop and transform it into an embossing stamp.

You've always wanted to create a stamp of your company logo?

Upload your logo and check out the 3D printed stamp we will produce from your logo.

You want to use it for different purposes?

We tested the product to emboss soaps, Play-Doh, clay, cookies and pasta.
It is super strong nylon and cleanable in your dishwasher.

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Your benefits

3D printed, super strong, hassle free customizable stamps for embossing

See what you get

The 3D stamps you see at the designer have exactly the same measures as the print you will get.

Competitive price

The stamp plates are independent of the grip so they can be produced at a low price.

Designed to be strong

The material is nylon, so the stamps are dishwasher and food safe, alcohol resistant, super strong and durable.

Environment friendly

Each product will be produced only after your order. Since 3D printing is the production method, there won't be any additional material waste, which could land in our oceans.

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